January 24, 2014

BATMAN - Current Batmobile News!

Here's a random group of photos I collected recently that all sort of scream, "Batmobile theme!". So, here we go! The first pic is from our good buddies out in New Jersey with the Gotham Supercars Club. Our friend Batdave, and his trusty sidekick, Buster The Dog (center), visited John and Jeff (far left & right) yesterday at the garage.

Next up is sort of a preview of a brand-new toy release. Actually, it's a Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series item, a KEY CHAIN in the shape of the 1960's Batmobile.  They're being made by NJ Croce and will be coming out next month. They will also have key chains that are small figures of Batman, Robin, & maybe, The Joker... all themed after the 60's TV Show. Like, the one of Batman is the "Adam West" version.

Then, last but not least, here's a sneak-peek preview of what the Batmobile car is gonna look like in the new "SON OF BATMAN" DC Universe Movie coming out later.

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CuoCuoBird said...

Hello! I saw that in the "Son of Batman" post that you said before the son of batman, was a movie called "Justice League: War". I was wondering what place has that on Bluray and for the cheapest price.
And you are doing a splendid job with this blog.