December 29, 2013

New Classic 1966 BATMAN AND ROBIN TV Series ART BUSTS Coming Out in 2014

Here's some more brand-new "1966 BATMAN" merchandise that will be appearing in 2014. Here is a series of Art busts featuring the Dynamic Duo, individually. Now, i have shown the Adam West "Batman" one here before but the main reason for this post is because they have finally released a pic of what the "Robin, the Boy Wonder" one will look like.

It's not bad, it does look a lot like Burt Ward. My only complaint, and it's extremely minor and almost borderlines on "Fanboy-whining", is that the base looks exactly the same. I'm not sure if that was a design decision or just something that was cost effective but they could have tried a little harder. but hey, like I said, that issue is minor. Both of these busts are very accurate & are a great likeness of each character.

These mini-statues are made by Diamond Select and were designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Also, they're made out of resin and will measure about six inches tall. They look like they're gonna have a retail price of around $50.00 each. Batman is coming out first, about April, 2014. Then Robin the Boy Wonder will be released in July.

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