October 19, 2013

Some EXCLUSIVE BATMAN ITEMS - Alamo City Comic Con San Antonio, TX Oct 28th-29th

Next Saturday, October 28th to be exact, is the next ALAMO CITY COMIC CON that they have in San Antonio, TX. If you're lucky enough to live near there and get to go to the show you might want to keep an eye out for 2 exclusive "Batman" items. 

The first is a Funkp Pop Heroes "Metallic" Vinyl Figure of Classic 1966 TV Series BATMAN - ADAM WEST (shown up above).

Then, there will be an Official Art Print Poster for the event from the creator of the ultra awesome "JL8" Web Comic, Yale Stewart. If you're a fan of his work then please be sure to visit his TUMBLR page sometime. It's always filled with wonderful eye candy!

Also, Info on the show can be found here: ALAMO CITY COMIC CON

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