October 8, 2013

NYC - Help Batman Artist NEAL ADAMS Find Lost Bag of Comic Book Art!

The legendary comic-book artist, NEAL ADAMS is on the hunt for more than a hundred valuable sketches he left in a NYC Yellow Taxi Cab and he has even put his talents to work in the search by drawing a portrait of the driver (shown up above).

Neal Adams, best known for drawing Batman and Green Arrow, forgot to take two portfolio books out of the trunk of a Crown Victoria taxi at about 7:40 pm on September 4th, 2013.

The books were in a beige tote bag bearing an image of Bucky O’Hare, a cartoon and comic-book rabbit.

Adams’ daughter, Kristine Stone, said the sketches in the books are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Each book had about 30 pages. About 100 to 120 sketches were lost.

“We need everyone’s help, and, hopefully, the artwork will be found,” Stone said.

So, if anyone steps into a cab in New York today talk about this to your cab driver and if you are in a Crown Victoria cab (That's the 4 door kind) ask if you can look in his trunk. Remember, there is a reward!

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