October 23, 2013

Marc's Amazing VINTAGE BATMAN TOYS Toy Collection Photo!!

Oh man, this photo has SO MUCH WIN!! Here's a pic we received awhile back from a friend named Marc who we also know on our BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK page ( If you're not a member, then please JOIN US! It's FREE, ha ha! ). Anyways, Marc wanted to share a few of his ultra-cool Batman Toys in his Vintage Toy Collection.

There's some really great stuff here like: The 1966 Batman Night Light, some Corgi  and Corgi Juniors Diecast Cars, Kenner Superpowers Action Figures, Batman and Robin Captain Action Dolls, some Applause PVC Figures, a Ceramic Bank, the Aladdin 1960's Lunch Box, an Ideal Hand Puppet, Plastic Bust Bank by Mego, and much much more! All of this stuff is making me drool like a crazy person because it's all so beautiful!!

Thanks Marc, great toy collection and thanks for sharing!

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