October 6, 2013

Here's Some Random Crazy Batman BATMANIA For Ya!!

I've been kind of behind on my posting lately. Sorry, my life is in near crisis, and it's hard to get motivated, but I wanted to share these totally wonderful photos that some Bat-Blog Fans have been sharing with me lately and I want them all to know that their input means a lot to me and that I also appreciate it very much. It might seem like it took me awhile to get this stuff up but I've been seriously busy. So, here we go!

First up is this fun photo of our good buddy, a guy named Zdravko. He lives in Bulgaria and was pretty happy to attend a recent Comic Con event on his side of the World. While there he got to meet this lovely "Modern Comic Book Catwoman". This beautiful cosplayer has a GREAT costume. Plus, check out that sly smile on Z's face... it's priceless!

OK, you have drooled over Catwoman long enough, ha! 

So now it's time to check out this ultra-cool 1960's BATMAN Movie Poster that our friend Matt recently got signed at a Comic Con-type event. Now, it's important to note that this poster isn't a vintage 60's item but something completely brand new. It's a signed Christopher Franchi print and the cool thing is that Matt also got it autographed by Adam West, Burt Ward and Lee Meriwether at Monster-Mania 26 in Hunt Valley, MD. Love Franchi's work!

Then, last but not least, here's a fun photo of  our good buddy Jeff as he appeared as the Caped Crusader in a recent TV Commercial for a Chevrolet Car Dealership in New Jersey. Yes, Jeff is gonna be on television!! Not only him but his 1966 Batmobile Replica Car as well. I'm hoping to get some video later and I will for sure post that, it's so cool!!

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