October 6, 2013

Brand-New BATMAN COLLECTOR ITEMS To Keep An Eye Out For!

Like I'm not being tortured already with all the crazy-new batman merchandise out there already (Thanks Mattel & Hot Toys) but here's a few new extremely cool Batman items to look out for in the near future. Well, most of them are cool, except one, more on that later.

First off, the Eaglemoss Company in the UK recently announced they will be adding Frank Miller's "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" Tank to their Automobilia Collection of Batmobiles. No exact release date just yet but stay tuned here to the BAT-BLOG for more pics and info later.

Then, here's a nice pic of that BATMAN Papercraft Toy Set being put out by Funko. We have featured this new toy here before but this new photo gives you a better idea on the packaging and so on, it's cool!

Last, and here's the item I have a problem with (ha ha), check out this incredibly stupid BATMAN LEG LAMP. Since it's a total rip-off of the famous "Leg Lamp" from The Christmas Story movie it will probably come out during the holidays. I can't believe they actually made this thing. I think it's as dumb as those tube socks with the mini-superhero-cape  built on the back! Oh well, it looks like the boot here lights-up so that's a bonus, ha!

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