September 30, 2013

New BATMAN "Drive The Batmobile" Arcade Game Coming Soon!

Over at the ARCADE HEROES website they recently uncovered the news about a brand-new BATMAN Arcade Game that will be coming out soon. So, on your next visit to your favorite Pizza Parlor be sure to keep an eye out!

The game involves driving the Batmobile around Gotham City, taking out various villains in the process. Thus it is not a traditional, circuit racing game but something that appears to be more of an open-world, mission based design. Players can choose from numerous Batmobile vehicles, from the classic 1960s TV version to the Tumbler-style seen in the recent Dark Knight movies.It even includes THE BAT flying vehicle from the last movie. Check out the video down below, it looks fun! (Oh yeah, the video doesn't have any audio. So if you don't hear any sound, then it is actually working, ha!)

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