September 19, 2013

HOT TOYS - ROBIN THE BOY WONDER 1960's BATMAN Movie 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure


The HOT TOYS Company is trying to drive me completely INSANE by making some really great figures based on the 1966 BATMAN TV Show!! Arrgghh! This Classic TV Series was my personal favorite as a little kid and it's also what really got me into the characters, the comic books, and eventually, collecting the toys.

Now, in 2013 (yes, 47 years later, ha ha ), HOT TOYS has plans to release a Set of Batman and Robin Figures and then, a little bit later in the year, a huge 1966 Batmobile vehicle that is HUGE enough for these large dolls.

The crime-fighting hero of Gotham City is rarely seen without his faithful sidekick – Robin in the Batman 1960s television series. The campy and lighthearted TV show has become very popular with fans and a movie was made between the first and second season of the TV series.

Hot Toys is delighted to introduce the 1/6th scale Robin Collectible Figure from the classic 1966 Batman movie. The collectible figure is newly developed and highly detailed which is specially crafted based on the image of the Actor Burt Ward as Robin, the Boy Wonder! It features a screen-accurate masked head sculpt, the classic Robin costume, weapon and accessories.

The Batmobile photos will be coming soon, so please stay tuned!

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todd mello said...

Omg when r these going to b available