September 22, 2013

Arturo's CAPTAIN LEATHERWING BATMAN Costume Photos From Mexico!

This post comes from a set of photos sent to us all the way from Mexico. There, we have a Bat-Blog Fan named Arturo who wanted to share with us some really fun photos of the Batman costume he wore for an office party. But this is not the normal Batman we're all used to seeing, this is "Captain Leatherwing".

Now, for the few people who are not familiar with this unusual variation on the Batman character this "Captain Leatherwing" guy appeared in a DC Comics' Elseworlds story from 1994. To be more specific, he appeared in Detective Comics Annual #7 and was written by Chuck Dixon, art by Enrique Alcatena. The basic premise of Elseworlds stories is that the superheroes (characters) are removed from the mainstream continuity and put into a different context. In this case, Batman is an English Pirate Captain, set in a whole different time period. The story is a classic.

Anyways, this is a great choice for some cosplay and his costume is both extremely fun and well-designed.  (Thank you for sharing Arturo!)

Here's what Arturo had to say:

I know it's a little early for Halloween (or late, since these are from last year), but I wanted to share these pictures of me dressed up as Captain Leatherwing, from the Elseworlds comic book. This was taken during the Halloween festival at the school where I work. I'm an English language Teacher in Mexico. 


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