August 17, 2013

VIDEO - Revenge of Philadelphia Comic Con ( Wizard World SUMMER 2013 )

June 1st, 2013 - Actors MICHAEL ROOKER (Walking Dead TV), JON BERNTHAL (Walking Dead TV) & BRANDON ROUTH (Superman Movie) are just a few of the familiar faces popping up in the latest fan-film from BatSquad Studios. It's deja vu all over again as BatDave, Spider-Denny and the rest of the gang return to Philly, delivering their highly unanticipated sequel to last summer's wild Wizard World extravaganza known as 'Philadelphia Comic Con Encounter 2012'.

Filmed on location in 'The City of Brotherly Love' and showcasing a sprawling cast of talented regional cosplayers, this all-new project continues our tried and true methods of unscripted dialogue, spontaneous convention action and, of course, no budget whatsoever. As always, almost every scene was shot in one take to capture the moment.

Filmed by New Jersey BatDave and directed by Dennis Pellicano just for the hell of it... Huge thanks to the fine folks at Wizard World and the hundreds of incredible cosplayers we met that Saturday. If you don't see yourself in the movie this time around, we will do our very best to fit you into next year's production. In the meanwhile, sit back and... ENJOY!!

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