August 19, 2013


There's a brand-new company out there right now called Westland Giftware and they have been making some really cool BATMAN products! Their main focus are ceramic items, stuff like Cookie Jars and Salt & Pepper Shakers. Here are 2 new cool examples:

First, in November of this year, they're gonna release a new BATMAN STANDING FIGURE Cookie Jar. It measures about 12" Tall and will retail for about $45.00.

Then, next, they are coming out with a Set of BATMAN AND CATWOMAN Salt & Pepper Shakers! They will also come out in November and will sell for about $16 bucks.

Have YOU seen any brand-new Batman products out there? if so, then please let us know. Sharing the love of collecting Batman-Stuff  is what the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about!

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