August 31, 2013

Hey, BATMAN Gets Spotted Everywhere!

Batman is everywhere. I mean, all over the place! Recently he was spotted with a very cool Bat-Pod Replica! The display even included some full-size mannequins and Superman was there as well. This all happened at the 2013 Connecticut Comiconn. I'm pretty sure that everybody at this local comic book convention totally freaked out! Thanks Dave for sharing the fun pic ( He owns this replica! ). Oh yeah, click on the photo up above for a larger, sharper version.

Then, on the south side of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (where I live) my good buddy Dave ( a different "Dave", but just as awesome! ) spotted this Bat-Truck and knew he HAD to get a photo! The Owner put a really nice Bat-Symbol Logo on the front grill, very very cool!! I wonder if he made it? (Thanks Dave #2).

OK, this is one of those posts done just for fun. Have YOU spotted Batman anywhere near where you live? If so, then please share a pic with us today. Our e-mail button is always at the top right-hand side of this blog. Thanks!

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