July 29, 2013

NEW TOYS - Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Collectibles Spotted at the 2013 SDCC!

OK, for the 1 or 2 people who don't know what "SDCC" means, it's the "San Diego Comic Con". Our good friend, John Whitt, who is also a very excellent BATMAN Cosplayer, went to the event and took some great pics that he was also kind enough to share with us right now. You can see him in the very first photo up above. He said he was walking by the NECA TOYS Booth when all of a sudden somebody said something like, "Hey, can you come over here a second so I can take a pic?". 

John did, and then the guy walked him over to a display case that had their brand-new "BATMAN Adam West Figure and took it out! How funny, what a great story. Plus, he got to hold a toy no body else has got to touch (jealous!).

Then, while roaming around the show John came across some other "Classic 1966 BATMAN" items that he (and us too) have never seen yet.

First up is this amazing "ADAM WEST" Hallmark Christmas Ornament for 2014. It's Adam West as he appeared on the cover to a 1960's TIME Magazine ( we found a pic of that publication to show as an example ).
It's a very famous pose and this image is also, actually, very iconic. Cool!

Then, in another booth, he also saw this brand-new "Classic BATMAN TV" Statue that will be coming out in the Winter of 2014. It's a large bust of Adam West as he appeared on the show. It's gonna have a retail price of about $70.00. Plus, I totally love it! 

(Thanks John for sharing these great products and your funny story too).

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