July 4, 2013

New INNER BATMAN Tattoo Art Photo - Check it Out!!

Hey Kids! It's time once again to share some fun Batman Tattoo Art! Here's a photo sent in to us by a Bat-Blog Fan who is pretty serious about his love of the character.  He got BATMAN INK done by a Tattoo Artist in the Charlotte, NC area by the name of Colin Fields ( a good friend of his). Three years ago he let him work on him, as an apprentice, and got a tattoo of the Joker even though he had no experience.

So, to repay him for trusting him back then, and helping him start his career, he got hooked up with a great price to do this new Batman tattoo. The inspiration for this piece is that he stopped smoking and started working out in the past 10 months. So, he thought it was only right to have his "Inner Batman" ripping out of his body.

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