July 16, 2013

BEWARE THE BATMAN - TV Show Video Clip From Warner Bros Animation

While surfing the Internet the other night i came across this exclusive promo video clip from the new BEWARE THE BATMAN animated TV Series. It shows the Bat-Cave in really great detail, especially the way the Bat-Computer is set-up! We also get a great view of the new Batmobile Car and the "new" Alfred as well. 

OK, only one episode has been out so far (last Saturday) and I'm still holding on to my personal opinion about this show for a little while. What I'm doing is giving the creative team there a chance to show what they got. I'm hopeful that this new show will turn out to be really good. So far, I have to admit that even though there are a few tiny things I don't like, that it is pretty interesting. Well see. I think it's only going to improve.

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