July 13, 2013

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Collector's Edition Boxed Set Announced

Here's some fun news for BATMAN Video Game Fans! The company handling this proberty accidently leaked some info recently where they announced that there will eventually be a "Collector's Edition Box Set" of BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS. Now, this isn't huge news, they always do that. ha! 

But, in this special photo (I'm working on getting a better quality pic, this is THE only one available right now) we get to see some of the packaging and it looks like the best item included will be a Statue of Batman and The Joker. It's also going to come with an "Art of Batman Arkham Origins" Book, a Holographic Collector Box, 2 Exclusive DLC Downloads (Looks like Deathstroke & a more modern Comic Book version of Batman), and a 3-D Metal case.

OK, for now, there is absolutely NO info on any release date but it's rumored to be priced at a retail cost of about $99.00. Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG and once we get more information we'll pass it along.

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