June 7, 2013

Sonic Kid's Meal Toys - NEWER New JUSTICE LEAGUE BATMAN TOY We Just Found Out About!!

We reported awhile back here at the BAT-BLOG.COM about Sonic Drive-In Restaurants having a special Kid's Meal promotion going on right now where they have "Justice league Tater Tots" Toys (Series 2). They are very small plush toys in the shape of a few favorite DC Comics' Superheroes and Villains. If you missed that post, then CLICK HERE!

Anyways, THIS post is to share a new photo we just got from a good friend named Leslie. She found out that they also have a special toy for younger kids that is also Batman-related, it's the BATARANG FLYER!!

So, a special thanks goes out to Leslie for the heads-up on this and the great pic too - Thank you!!

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