June 10, 2013


Check out these amazing pictures sent in to us by our friend Ricky, who is also a HUGE Batman Fan!  Last Summer, he and his family paid a visit to California and they spent some time at the Warner Brothers back-lot. 

While there, he said he got to run up the steps of the original "Gotham City Police Headquarters"! This is the building that appeared in the classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series (shown up above). Later, they also paid a visit to Adam West's STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Wait, there's more! They also went to an exhibit of original Batman Movie Props. They saw some really cool Batman costumes and vehicles very close-up and it must have been amazing! 

Those pics are down below and be sure to click on them for larger, more detailed, versions. It's so cool seeing the real deal!

Also, Thank you Ricky for sharing these super-fun pics, we really appreciate that. Plus, we'll be posting more of the pics you took at the George Barris Custom Shop later. Oh man, people are gonna love your 1966 Batmobile Car photos, drool!!

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Mauro Malito said...

I am from Brazil and I intend to make a trip to Los Angeles on October. Could you please give me some hints of what places I should visit to see all the Batman stuff?