June 28, 2013

New AUTO WORLD PENGUIN MOBILE 1966 Batmobile Slot Car Seen at Hobby Lobby

OK, we have reported about this new Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series toy before. But this post is mainly to share the news that one of our friends, Dave in Oklahoma City, spotted this very hard-to-find item at his local Hobby Lobby Store just the other day so if you're looking for one they're still out there, lurking about.

What we're talking about is this AUTO WORLD 1966 Batmobile Slot Car by 4Gear that is just a very weird variation, it's the "Penguin Mobile". This "Television Car" actually appeared in the 1960's TV Show when the Penguin stole the Batmobile and then made it his own by sticking a red umbrella and other "Penguin weapons" on it. Yes, they actually made a toy of that, ha! But Mattel made one as well, a Hot Wheels car in fact, so there ya go! (Thanks Dave)

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