June 20, 2013

NEAL ADAMS BATMAN Original Vintage Comic Book Cover Art for The Brave and the Bold #80

I have done so many posts on this site (thousands, check the Bat-Archives) that sometimes I think I'm going crazy! For example, I can't remember if I have posted this or not, ha! But regardless, it is worthy of re-postng if I already did so here we go!

Please be sure to click on the 2 photos provided here. One is the original 1970's comic book art of the cover to The Brave and the Bold #80. It features both Batman and The Creeper in all their glory. This art was drawn by the comics legend, Neal Adams!!

Here's the actual comic book for comparison:


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Neal P said...

What makes this cover so remarkable is that it was on the newsstands in September 1968 (issue dated Nov. '68), and not the 1970s as you stated. You have to remember, the Batman TV show had just left prime time the month before and the Batman and Detective comics were still featuring the campy Batman of the show. The Batman that Neal Adams was drawing in B&B was like something from another world. This led readers to write in and push DC toward a revamping of the character.