June 21, 2013

DC Comics + Hello Kitty = GIRL POWER!

Here's a quick post to share the news that DC Comics and the "Hello Kitty" Brand have teamed-up and plan to release a bunch of new products based on a mash-up of their prospective characters. Let's hope they come out with some cool collectibles.

Set to debut at retailers around the world in 2014, the heroic Hello Kitty will appear on apparel, accessories and footwear, stationery, publishing, personal care, promotional products and food products from a variety of top-tier licensing partners... GIRL POWER!!

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Matthew said...

Every year the Japanese company Sanrio releases hundreds of new Hello Kitty items for the thousands of fans around the world. Most of the items are cute teddies or common household items like pillows or toasters, but once in a while Sanrio comes up with something really strange. Something that nobody would have imagined possible.

hello kitty collection