June 15, 2013

BATMAN COSPLAY Seen at the 2013 Philadelphia Comic Con!

OK, regular readers of this site might have noticed I have not posted in the last few days and that's because I have been going trough some major personal issues that needed to be resolved ( Yes, I do have a life... sometimes, ha ha). But all that is cleared-up for now and I'm back. So, here we go!

Here are some really great photos sent in to us by our good friend Batdave from his recent adventure at this year's 2013 Philadelphia Comic Con. This is an event put on by Wizard World and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year!

Most of the photos shown here are "Batman-related" and I say that because there was some totally amazing Bat-Cosplay at this show. Just check out that "Batman Beyond" costume, that's too cool and he's a version of the character you don't get to see too often! Plus, there were a ton of cute girls there dressed-up as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and more. The Riddler, Joker, and Bane were also in attendance.

Our friend Ruby Rinesko showcased, I think for the very first time, his new MAN-BAT Costume. How crazy is that?! WOW! oh man, it's so extremely awesome and very well done!!

Our friend Jeff was there with his 1966 Batmobile Replica Car so he got to meet a ton of celebrities. We're talking about people like, Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead), Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead. Also, Murphy McManus in the 1999 film, Boondock Saints.), and Marky Ramone (The Ramones!).

So overall I think everybody had a really great time. Some year I really hope to go and if you live near that city then I suggest that YOU go hit it! I mean, GO SEE IT, seriously, you'll love it!!

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