May 23, 2013

Target Has Some New Fun Cool BATMAN STUFF For Kids!

Right now, at your local TARGET Store, as part of the Summer "Justice League" Promo, they have 4 DC Comics' Superhero Felt Masks for kids ( Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and a Wonder Woman Tiara) for only $1 each! You can see the Batman one modeled here by our good buddy Johnny! 

Then, in the first photo, you can see his Brother Desmond showing off his Batman Towel Robe. His Mom said he now lives in it, ha!

Oh yeah, they're also selling these brand-new Batman Toys called "Biginkies". Basically, they are those "Squinkies" figures, only 2X larger!

( Thanks Melissa for sharing these fun pics ).


John Godwin said...

Where did they find the DC comics BIGinkies? I have only seen one picture on your site and one sale up on ebay. No one else has seen them...

Anonymous said...

I live in Ohio and we only have Batman and Superman Biginkies at Target. They are found by the summer supplies.