May 5, 2013

Here's Some BRAND-NEW BATMAN Clothing in Stores Now!

Check out these brand-new BATMAN items that are in stores right now. To be exact, it's clothing! 

First, take a look at these extremely cool BATMAN AND JOKER Shoes for little kids. The shoe has a velcro flap on top that looks like Batman's cape and when it's raised you can see this "Batman & Joker" graphic that is shown in the 2nd photo. These are AWESOME!! You can find these at Wal-Mart.

Next up, and shown down below, is this brand-new DC Comics BATMAN CHEST T-Shirt that makes you look like the NEW 52 Comic Book Version of the Caped Crusader! It's also sold at Wal-Mart and is only about $7.50, a good price. ( Thanks Melissa! )

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