May 5, 2013

Here's Some Brand-New 2013 BATMAN MERCHANDISE To Look Out For in June / July!

Just a quick post to share some pics of some new BATMAN merchandise to keep an eye out for in the next month or two. First we have these 2 Prototype pictures showing a new set of products by Monogram. These are DC Comics' BATMAN and JOKER BUST Resin Paperweights. They plan on releasing these in June of 2013.

Now, like we said, these are "prototype pics" showing what they will look like. Once we get photos of the actual products then they will be posted here at the BAT-BLOG. But these give you a great idea on the basic concept & personally, I like the retro "vintage look" of the characters.

Then, in July of 2013, Monogram has plans to release this BATMAN "The New 52" Bust Bank! I'm not sure if it's made out of resin material or vinyl rubber but either way it's pretty cool!

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Josh said...

Anyone else notice that this is the New 52 version, but he has the black trunks? Not that I'm complaining mind you.