May 8, 2013

Here's Some Brand-New 2013 BATMAN TOYS and Other Merchandise To Look For!

Just a quick post for the serious BATMAN Collectors out there. here are some brand-new pieces of Bat-Merchandise that are in stores now. The first two pics are some items spotted at Pottery Barn. They have a Scool backpack that is so rugged it could almost be called "Luggage" and then there's a nice Melmac Dinnerware Set which has a Plate, Bowl, & Tumbler Glass.

Here's a pic shot at a Marshall's Store. It looks like they have a DC SUPERFRIENDS Fisher-price GEO TRAX "The Penguin's Lair" Playset... very cool! I don't think it's an "Exclusive" but it is kind of hard to find in certain areas, just sayin' (Thanks Melissa & Bruce ).

Then, last but not least, it looks like Mattel has re-released (repackaged) those Batman THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY Movie Vehicles into two different 3-Packs. These have been seen at Target and Wal-Mart.

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