May 22, 2013

HELP OKLAHOMA - Please Donate Today To The American Red Cross

I know this site is all about the BATMAN Character and other fun stuff like Toy Collecting, but I would appreciate it if everyone would please let me make this short statement.

Now, I would say that most people who enjoy this site have no idea who I am or where I am from, ha! But I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and if you have been watching any of the national (and world) TV news then you know about the major tornado event that happened recently in Oklahoma.

Most of the devastation happened in a city called Moore and, the scary thing for me personally, is that I live about a 5 or 10 minute car ride from there. This event happened really close to me, it's was scary to say the least! The good news is that my family and I are completely OK and the storm only got THAT close, whew! It was pretty stressful. 

Anyway, yesterday I got the chance to see first hand, in real-life, what had happened. I saw trucks and cars completely upside down. I saw houses ( homes ) and buildings just completely destroyed. We're talking about entire neighborhoods just completely wiped off the earth! I know a few people who, not only lost their place to live, but also lost all of their life-long possessions. It's a very sad deal. Then the most important loss of all were lives that were taken. It's been a very tragic event but the people of Oklahoma have proved to be caring and are working together to rebuild.

So, I'm asking ALL Bat-Blog Readers to please donate whatever you can to the American Red Cross. This charitable organization is amazing and they are ALWAYS the very first to arrive and the very last ones to leave. They do great work. Even if all you can afford is "one dollar" then please send it. I mean, every little bit adds up and makes a difference.

Also, if you can't donate any money - Then please spread the word about their site on your social media like Twitter or Facebook. Gettig the news out there helps a bunch too. Thank you. It's REDCROSS.ORG

AMERICAN RED CROSS Click Here to Donate!

You can also text "REDCROSS" to 90999 & automatically give 10 dollars!

Also, I saw this post by Adam West yesterday on facebook and, as an Oklahoman it made me pretty proud. Thank you Mr. West. Well said Sir.

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