May 21, 2013

BATMAN AND ROBIN All Set To Leap Back Into Action on TV!

OK, Wait! before you start programming your TIVO to record this please keep in mind this is only a  repost of  a Vintage STAR Newspaper Article from 1976, ha ha! A friend of the BAT-BLOG sent this to us last week and I knew I had to post it because it's so fun to read. Speaking of, hey to read it just click on it for a much larger version. Plus, check out that super-groovy pic of Adam West! Oh man, he is totally out-of-sight, baby! 

( Thanks Paul )


Anonymous said...

I have that article in my collection! It came out during the summer of 1977, between my 7th and 8th grade years.

Al Bigley said...

Been looking for this for years, (HA HA!) as my mom brought this to my attention in 1977! HA HA!

One last thing-HA HA!

Al Bigley