May 6, 2013

ADAM WEST INJURED - Cancels Appearance at Ottawa Comiccon This Weekend

Canadian Batman Fans, who were hoping to get a chance to meet Adam West this weekend in Canada, are going to be saddened by this news. Due to an unfortunate injury, Adam West will not be able to make it to the Ottawa Comiccon on May 10th-12th.

"I am sorry to say I cannot come to your great city. The doctor said I fractured my back and cannot travel. What a crummy deal. I wanted to meet all you super Batfans. There will be another time I'm sure. Have a great time at your show! (Look out for the Riddler. I hear he'll be lurking.)” – Adam West

We wish Mr. West an easy and speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Dang That Bane!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dang that Bane!

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