May 12, 2013

Aaron's Awesome CLASSIC BATMAN AND ROBIN Tattoo Art

If there is one thing I am proud about concerning this blog, it's the fact that so many people contribute cool stuff and that helps to add diversity to the site. I mean, I'm always working on bringing new material to these pages but then someone sends something to share and it's out of left field, BAMM! Here's a great example:

The other night we got these cool pics in our email box. Here are some photos of some recent BATMAN AND ROBIN Tattoos that a Bat-Blog Fan named Aaron had done. The one of Batman has a "comic book art" look about it but judging from the cowl it is obviously Adam West-inspired. That's on his upper arm. 

Then, on his lower wrist, he got a great drawing of Robin, The Boy Wonder. This one has a more "Golden Age" style to it and it's a great choice. See the photo down below for a better idea on placement.

They're both very well done, deep-dark sharp black with a clean minimal style... nice! ( Thanks Aaron for sharing your bat-tats with us ).

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Aaron said...

Hey, thank you so much for sharing my pics! I forgot to mention that both of these tats were done by one of my very best friends, Ms. Jessie Day. She works at Dermalgrafix Tattoo in Escondido, Ca if any Bat-blog fans are looking to get some ink done. Thanks again!