April 21, 2013

MyPlash BATMAN and THE JOKER Custom Design Mastercard Debit Cards

While surfing the wacky-crazy Interwebs the other night I came across a Credit Card Company called MyPLASH and they have some pretty cool Mastercard Debit Cards with images of BATMAN and THE JOKER! In fact, there are ten different designs to choose from (The BAT-SYMBOL LOGO is my favorite, it just seems more "official", ha ha! ). Please be sure to click ON the above image for a larger picture. The graphics are nice!

Now, as a legal disclaimer:
I have not used their service so I can't recommend it from my own personal experience, nor do I know anything about their fees. So, please be sure to check them out for yourself. But I will say I have heard of this company name before & have never heard any complaints. For more details, and to read about their services, please CLICK HERE.

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