April 28, 2013

HEY KIDS!! We're Still Celebrating BATGIRL Month!

Yes, here at the Bat-Blog we're still celebrating one of the greatest members of the Batman Family, BATGIRL!! Oh man, we totally love her and wanted to share some fun pictures and wacky history. 

Our 1st pic is an amazing graphic created by a friend of ours over at FACEBOOK (Please Come Join us!). His name is Dean Verge and this is his Special Tribute to the Batgirl of the Silver-Age! (Thanks Dean, You ROCK Sir & Great ART! ).

Next up, is a Fantasy Trading Card created by the guys over at MEGO MUSEUM. This photo features the Rare Vintage 1970's Batgirl Mego Toys Doll in all her majestic glory!

Then, check out this Original BOX for the super ultra-rare BATICHICA Halloween Costume from Argentina! Yeah, you know how we love the 'foreign stuff".

Now, check out this brand-new BATGIRL TANK DRESS! Not only do I totally love it, but it's just a really great fashion statement! Yes, some day, when I'm not a Loser, I will have a Girlfriend who will wear this, ha!

You can also find this item right here, CLICK HERE TO BUY IT!

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