April 13, 2013

HEY BATMAN FANS! Now It's Time To Celebrate BATGIRL!!

I started to notice a bunch of cool Batgirl stuff lately and thought it would be a good post. Here's a nice assortment of pics showing off our favorite Batman Family member.

First up is an image I came across that haunts me. This was a very Large Fine Art Print they used to sell at the Warner Bros Store many many years ago ( I wish they would have never closed, arrgghh! ). I have always loved it and I always regret the time I had a chance to buy it on sale, but didn't. Yes, I'm a complete Idiot, ha!

Now, here's a wonderful photo worth celebrating because this is almost the highest form of flattery to the character. Wow! Just look at this amazing Silver-Age Batgirl costume some serious Cosplay person put together. The details and materials are all totally great!

Here's a cool graphic a nice friend shared with me on Facebook.  It's Batgirl riding a Vintage Vespa Scooter! Oh man, it's so beautiful!! The Artist is a guy named Ted Naifeh. This guy has talent for sure.

Next up is another Cosplayer who we just gotta give props to. Actually, this is our good friend Lisa and she's wearing an awesome Retro-Style Batgirl Costume. It's the "Yvonne Craig" version from the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series. 

One last thing: Here's a fun collectible item I saw last night on the web. This is a very cool Ceramic Coffee Mug featuring Silver-Age BATGIRL Graphics. I need this... and totally love it! They sell these at the link provided down below.

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