April 5, 2013

Check Out the BATMAN VILLAIN Wall Mural Art at 1-UP Collectibles

Here's some extremely cool wall mural art that I know many Batman Fans will love. This artwork inside the building of a company called 1-UP Collectibles. They are a Comic Book Shop that specializes in, not only comic book subscriptions, but Action Figures, Board Games, Statues, etc... They also do a lot of "Mail Order" business. Anyway, this is their Bathroom!

Yes, the Joker is painted on the door and then they have Batman quotes and jokes covering almost the entire surface of the room, even the ceiling. There is also a nice example of Two-Face. 

It's cool, Two-Face is looking at himself in the mirror while playing Chess...with his other half, ha! He also appears to be in an Arkham Asylum Jail Cell. The Joker, as mentioned, is using the toilet (standing up of course) and he is, at the same time, also writing some graffiti on the wall with a magic marker, ha! Crazy! The artwork is very detailed and a lot of fun.

1-UP COLLECTIBLES is located in West Reading, PA. They also have a pretty cool website. You can check that out by clicking HERE!

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Lee Umberger said...

This is definitely our bathroom. Feel free to check out the guided tour of our bathroom on our youtube channel. Here is a direct link.