April 16, 2013

Bob's Amazing ADAM WEST BATMAN COSPLAY Costume Photos - The Classic 1966 TV Series Version

Here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we recently did a post about Batman-related Cosplay and asked Fans of the site to submit their pics. Wow, the response was over-whelming! THANK YOU to everyone who joined in on the fun! 

Anyway, I'll be posting them every now and then in the order they came and if you sent a pic then please be patient. I gotta say that the love and creativity put into these special costumes really shows. I mean, in most cases, they're BETTER than the suits they are suppose to replicate, ha!

Here's a great example: Here is a friend of ours named Robert DeSimone. He's a Big Fan of the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series and here's the awesome Bat-Suit he put together in honor of Adam West. The Cowl, Bat-Belt, Cape, Gloves, etc... are all extremely well done! Please be sure to click on some of them for larger photos.

Thanks to Bob for sharing his fun pics, I appreciate that.

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