April 5, 2013

1960's BATMAN and BATGIRL Appear at the 2013 ASBURY PARK COMICON!

Check out these fun photos we just got from our friends, BatDave and Lisa. Long-time Bat-Blog fans might know them as some wacky Batman Cosplayers living in New Jersey. They just got back from doing the 2013 Asbury Park Comicon. Actually, they're not that crazy ( Ha Ha! ). They did this for a very good cause and it's honestly a very wonderful story.

They teamed-up with another friend named Jeff who is this guy who owns an amazing 1966 Batmobile Replica Car. They were all there at the event, in full-costume, to help raise money for people who are still struggling on the east coast after that horrible hurricane. Yes, just because the TV media doesn't hype it 24 hours a day doesn't mean that people are still not affected by it.

This was a wonderful cause and they raised a nice amount of money and brought some attention & awareness to the problem. Seriously, we're really proud of these guys, they did extremely good work here and also, might have, helped changed some peoples lives for the better.

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