March 17, 2013

Vintage 1970's BATMAN Toys and Memorabilia Reference

The collecting, and love of, Vintage Batman Toys is the main focus of the Bat-Blog so here are some great examples of merchandise from the groovy 1970's!

First up is an amazing example of Bat-Merchandising, a DC COMICS SUPERHERO PROMO GLASSES Fast Food Restaurant Store Display Poster featuring Batgirl! I remember when these "Pepsi Moon Glasses" came out and I totally loved them. In fact, I have a complete set of these babies somewhere deep in storage. The set took me forever to complete (this was before evil eBay ).

Then, here's a vintage copy of COMIC READER Magazine from August 1974. I said "magazine", but these were really more like small mini newspapers. When I was a little kid, maybe 11 or 12, I used to shop at a comic book store called, "Down Memory Lane". I always loved that name. Anyways, the Owner was a really nice guy and used to throw one of these in my bag for free on every visit.

The next 2 photos are some small mini-comics that were Free Comic Book Premiums hidden inside Post Cereal Boxes back in 1979. I have that 1st one in my collection and the 2nd one is a photo sent to me by a friend named Mike ( Thanks Mike! ).

OK, are you ready? This last toy is probably the rarest of them all, a true "Museum Piece", as Toy Collectors say. Here is a BATMAN COLOR DOUGH MOLDING MACHINE Set in the original Box. No, I don't own this. This is a random pic i found on eBay many years ago and I have not seen since. I'm not sure of it's origin. It might be British or Canadian. I'm thinking it might be "foreign" because it's so hard to find.



Devlin Thompson said...

Never seen this before, but I'm going to say that it's (a) not Canadian because of the lack of French text, an (b) not British, either, because it's not a "moulding" set. Also, the design does have a late '70s /early '80s look, but that "Color Dough" logo apparently dates to 1987. Here's the trademark registration:

Anthony Emmel said...

Not sure if it's teh same set, but I do have the Joker gallss from the 1970s.