March 30, 2013

Some Awesome BATMAN and THE JOKER TATTOO ART Photos!

Here are photos I am pretty proud of because they were sent in by two different Bat-Blog Fans who have celebrated the BATMAN Character by getting some Bat-Ink done! The first one is from a friend named Joe. He is a Member of  US Armed Forces ( Thanks for serving! ) and wanted to get a Tattoo that represents both his love of America and the Dark Knight. So, he got the Batman Bat-Symbol Logo over the USA Flag, very cool!!

Next, is a photo of an amazing JOKER FISH Batman Tattoo that was done by an Artist named "Ogre" at Bridgeport Ink in Bridgeport, CT. WOW!! Great coloring/shading here and what a unique idea for an image... I love it!!

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