March 18, 2013

New PHOTO - Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Action Figure Toys

New For 2013!! Here's a quick post to share this brand-new photo from Mattel showing what their BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Classic 1966 TV Series Action Figures will look like once you take them out of the package and put them on their "Building Piece". Yeah, it looks like Adam West and Burt Ward are climbing the wall!! I've heard this thing can actually be attached to a real wall so it displays real nice. WOW, I can't wait to get a set of these cool toys!!


Anonymous said...

The more pictures I see, the more I worry about it. I love the concept, but from all of the pictures I've seen, the execution is horrible.

Figures are hit and miss standing on pegs as it is. Do they really expect them to stay over time hanging on a wall?? Or am I supposed to tie the (I assume included) string into knots around their hands for stability?

Bah! It should also have a random head popping out a window too.

Hopefully the Batman in this is exactly the same as the individual carded figure. I plan on buying 2 Batman, one to keep carded, so this 2-pack can serve as my loose.

John Cord said...

Is this MattyCollector or general Mattel?