March 5, 2013

Funko WACKY WOBBLERS - The Classic 1960's BATMAN TV Series!

WOW! I totally love FUNKO TOYS and I think it's great news that they have plans to release a bunch of cool new products with the recently available "Classic 1960's BATMAN TV Series" License!! Here is sort of a "teaser" catalog image of what their Batman 60's TV Series Wacky Wobblers ( Bobbin' Head Nodders ) will look like. So far they have plans for an Adam West as BATMAN, Burt Ward as ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, Julie Newmar as CATWOMAN, and Cesar Romero as THE JOKER!!!

Also featured in this pic, but reported on earlier at this site, are the POP! Vinyl Figures. These are pretty cool too!

One last thing, HEY! There's a ton of brand-new BATMAN Merchandise out there now for me to stay on top of and report so if any Bat-Blog Fans out there ( This means you, hopefully, ha! ) see any brand-new products while hitting the stores then please let me know.

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Kid said...

Is it really Julie Newmar as Catwoman? It looks more like Lee Meriwether.