March 8, 2013

ANIMATED NEON ART - Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series!!

I'm a HUGE Fan of Neon Art and have always loved Vintage Neon Signs. So, when I saw this "Classic 1966 BATMAN and ROBIN TV Series" art I totally flipped-out!! This is the iconic image of Adam West & Burt Ward scaling a wall, ha ha! A friend named Craig sent me a static picture of this thing and, while it "still looked like neon", I just kept thinking it needed to be animated. Well, after a little research I found the original artist and it was his intention to have it animated!! That's the image you see up above: Amazing!!

The Artist's name is MR. WHAITE and I hope you visit his SITE so you can see some more of his amazing artwork. His main focus appears to be creating famous scenes from Classic Movies. Some of them kind of look like Movie Posters. They're really great & very well done. (Thanks Craig for bringing this to my attention ).

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