February 26, 2013


Oh man, I almost hate reporting on this but DC Comics, along with Comic Book Writer, Grant Morrison, have decided to KILL the latest "Robin, The Boy Wonder" character, named Damian Wayne. Shown down below is an EXCLUSIVE preview into the comic book, it's going to be in BATMAN INCORPORATED #8. This preview shows the 1st few comic book pages of the "Batman Inc." storyline.

For more information ( and an interview with Grant Morrison  ) please  be sure to visit the Los Angeles Times' HERO COMPLEX website.

Batman Incorporated No. 8 preview by New York Post


Josh said...

I'm kind of surprised DC is letting people know about it ahead of time.

L. said...

No big deal. Never liked the latest Robin. I wish DC would go back to the original and legendary Robin, Dick Grayson. All the others are just second rate replacements. Bring back the original.

Kal said...

It's an abomination. Damian was the best part of Batman and DC Comics over the past five years. Morrison just couldn't resist giving fans the screwgie one more time. We have done the 'dead Robin' story to death.

Bret said...

My favorite Robins, in order, are
1- Dick Grayson
2- Carrie Kelly
3- pre-crisis Jason Todd
4- Stephanie Brown
5- post-crisis Jason Todd
6- Tim Drake
7- Damien Wayne
so, yeah...he's dead... big deal. I want Dick to be Robin again. Wasn't that the whole point of the company wide reboot? Instead, for some reason, the DCnU Batman picks up right where the old continuity Batman left off, making the DCnU Bruce a decade to a decade and a half older than all the other rebooted DCnU heroes. Ehh... just call me when Alex Ross has creative control over DC.