February 11, 2013

New Photos - 1966 Classic BATMAN TV Show Action Figures by Mattel

Yes, it's official, I'm stressing out trying to keep-up with all news of the brand-new 1966 Classic BATMAN TV Show Action Figures and Toys that are coming out, ha ha ha ha! Here are some excellent pics I got last night where Mattel showcased a few more of the 1966 Classic BATMAN TV Series Action Figures they plan on coming out with. 

In these pics we get to see 3 main things: One, They're making Robin, The Boy Wonder! Yeah! Two, They're making a version of Batman where he appeared in an episode wearing swim trunks over his bat-suit. He also comes with a surf board. Then, third, we get to see an idea of what the packaging will look like. there will be Blister Cards and Boxed Figures.

Oh yeah, one last thing, that 1966 Batmobile Vehicle we reported on yesterday. It looks like that toy car might be a Toys-R-Us Store Exclusive.

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