February 22, 2013


OK, Just so this post is not confusing please follow me here. The 1st pic is an item that is out right now. In fact you can find them today at Target in their "Holiday" area. Here are 2 Funko Mini-Wacky Wobblers of Batman and The Joker. Yes, these are miniature-size versions of the larger nodders. Very cool! ( Thanks Franchi )

Next up are 2 brand-new Batman Toys that will be appearing later in 2013. These photos were taken at the 2013 TOY FAIR where Toy Companies share what they are releasing later this year. We have no exact release dates on these yet but stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG.COM and as soon as we know we'll spread the news. 

They do look pretty awesome though. One is a "Flying Heroes" Toy ( They also made one of Superman, not shown here ) and a 1966 BATMAN TV Show Mez-Itz Batmobile by Mezco... Sweet!!

OK, this last item was released recently during the Valentine's Day season. I'm sorry about being late with this but I literally just found out about it. Plus, it's an item I missed the chance to get and would have, it's cool! This is a BATMAN Valentines Candy Product by Palmer Chocolates. There might be a tiny chance of finding them, even on clearance. (If anyone knows where to get them please let me know ).


Joshua Staten said...

My heart shaped box contained gumballs not chocolate.

Also I got the Batman themed Valentines Mailbox (the one that looks like his head only) for 90% off yesterday at target (50 cents!) not bad for a desk mailbox.

Joshua Staten said...

I already picked up those Bobble heads for $5 each. (they also have Green Lantern and I think Superman in some location)

The Heart Shaped candy mine contained Gum Balls (from Target) it was on clearance there for 10 cents.