February 3, 2013

New BATMAN Goodies From Dollar Tree!

Some of us serious BATMAN Toy Collectors are on a tight budget. So, this post should help, ha ha! The other night I was visiting my local Dollar Tree Store to pick-up a few cleaning supplies. But while I was there I noticed a few Batman items I had not seen in awhile. Yes, some of these were previously released and some are new. But they're all pretty neat.

First up, keep clean with BATMAN Body Wash! There are a few different scents to choose from that each have random graphics. I bought Gotham Grape and Power Punch!

Then, my favorite item I found, they have a long roll of "Batman Taffy Candy". I totally love the graphics on each individual wrapper. I'm also goo-goo for "Bat-Food Products" so thought  these were wonderful. They even include Scarecrow, Two-Face, and The Joker... very cool!

Last, but not least, it looks like they have released some more of those "Batman Magic Towels". These are actually small hand cloth wash rags that are compressed into very small cubes. When you throw them into water they magically "grow".

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