February 12, 2013

John Meets George Barris, The Creator of the 1966 Batmobile Car!!

Here's a fun post filled with some wonderful photos sent in by our friend John. He just got back from the United States where he had made a trip to visit George Barris at his shop in California called "Barris Kustoms". Of course this is the guy who created & customized the Batmobile car for the 1966 BATMAN TV Series. 

Wow! John got some great pics of the original car & even met George while he was there... very cool!! (Thanks John ). Oh yeah, John has a personal Tumblr page where he shares his love of the Batman character. It's called Bat-Mania and you can check it out by clicking right HERE!


Anonymous said...

Obviously you do not know your Batmobiles. This is not #1, but one of George's replicas now taking it's place in his shop.

Al Hartman said...

I have to agree that the car in the pictures is not the #1 car. The interior is all wrong for the #1 car. That may be the car built for Return to the Batcave or Rockstar.