February 5, 2013

Happy Valentines Day with the Batman!

Every holiday we always try to spot some new Batman merchandise that is being offered. Usually this stuff is sold at many different locations and it's sometimes hard to find or sells out pretty quick. Here are a few examples for Valentine's Day 2013.

The 1st pic is a fun item I spotted at Wal-Mart the other night. This is a new concept I have not seen before. Some company created a special "Batman Mailbox" you can put on your desk to receive small Valentine Cards. This set also comes with 16 valentines to give away. Also this year, in their "Holiday Area" of the store, they still have the regular boxes of Valentine Greeting Cards for school kids ( not pictured here ) and they have both the "Comic Book" version of BATMAN and "The Dark Knight Rises" movie version too. The DKR ones also come with 16 pencils that have cool graphics.

Next up is this heart-shaped box of DC Comics' Valentine Bubble Gum. They made 2 different ones, Batman and Superman. Now, this is a random photo I found on the web and have not confirmed their exact location yet, but I do know that they sell for only 99 cents so that's cool. Some people have told me they have seen these at Target and others said Wal-Mart.


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