February 24, 2013

A few Brand-New BATMAN UNLIMITED Action Figures To Keep An Eye Out For!!

The Bat-Blog.Com is a website we created mostly for extremely serious Batman Fans and Toy Collectors. So, we always try to report about new Toys and Collectibles that are either in stores right now, or should be coming soon. You know, to give you the heads-up! Well, here's a perfect example. Our Special Bat-Reporter Batmobilly just spotted these 2 cool new toys while shopping earlier today. 

Here are some brand-new BATMAN UNLIMITED Action Figures (Mattel) to keep an eye out for. One, of course is the Dark Knight ( Comic Book version ) and the Penguin. Batmobilly said there is also a new Catwoman too but he couldn't find one. Oh man, I totally love this "Penguin" figure. It completely reminds me of the Vintage 1980's Kenner's SUPER POWERS figure. I mean, not just his classic clothing but also that colorful "Umbrella Weapon" accessory, ha! 

(Thank You Batmobilly! )


timdrake86 said...

I saw these at Target two weeks ago. They also had a "new 52" style Batgirl in the Batman Unlimited collection too.

NX01JB said...

Found the Batgirl a week or so ago. Very nice figure!!! Saw Penguin today but didn't have the money :(