January 20, 2013

The Batman Automobilia Collection - Batmobile Diecast Car by UK Eaglemoss

Over in England there's a company called Eaglemoss that has plans to reboot their toy line of Diecast Batmobile Cars that they call, "The Batman Automobilia Collection". You might have seen these on the BAT-BLOG before, you might even own a few of the ones that were only sold in the UK.

Well, it looks like they are bringing them back and sort of starting over. To be honest, I think one problem they had before was that they didn't realize these cars would be so sought after by Americans, ha! I know a ton of Toy Collectors who had a hard time getting them here in the USA. Now, they're rebooting the project with plans to release many more cars than previously planned plus they also plan to sell them in the US and elsewhere. Another major difference too is that now the Clear Plastic Display Case is "rectangle-shaped" and not oval. This makes displaying them easier and they will also be more "stackable".

Here is the new "Batman Automobilia Collection" TV Commercial. It's a great introduction and then way down below we have also added a few promo videos of other cars in the series. 

The 1st one in the series is the Batmobile form the 1989 Batman Movie (Michael Keaton). Then, #2 will be the 1966 Batmobile from the Classic TV Series. Both of these are available now & then other cars in the series will be released about two per month.

For more information on how to order them please visit their official website, just CLICK HERE!

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Bat Coolector said...

Very nice (bat)blog you got going here! Have actually started collecting diecast models myself - specifically movie cars from Hotwheels. Was planning to include Batmobile diecast models unfortunately, there is quite a lot - not only from Hotwheels, Corgi, JL, Tomica and now Eaglemoss!!! waaahhhh!!!